Poetry by Jeff Green


Choosing what to read

by cricketjeff on January 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The colour of the skin is not the way
To set the worth of any man you meet.
You judge a man by what he has to say
And can he help to make you more complete.

A funny hat is no excuse to blame.
All good men know such prejudice is vile.
Just because you cannot spell a name
You should not jump to put a man on trial.

An enemy may dress up as your friend,
Your friends can come in any race or hue.
Look out for those whose life is just pretend,
Good men may not look just the same as you.

You should not buy the cover of a book,
Do not assess a man on just his look.

Author notes

I am not sure about this. Writing mainly sonnets at the moment to try to train my mind to them better and I’m not a great judge of more formal poetry. I don’t think English divides well into stressed and unstressed. People are not black or white, just varying hues of brown, same is true of most of English pronunciation.