Poetry by Jeff Green


The songwriter

by cricketjeff on January 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The songs he wrote defined a whole decade
And gave a voice to youth in ev’ry land.
In every place where music can be played
You hear the notes that flowed from Lennon’s hand.

He formed The Quarrymen in Liverpool.
Then Hamburg clubs helped mould his special skill.
Hard and fast rock music was the rule
While German sailors drank ’til they were ill.

One Day Epstein heard them on a disk.
Rock history was changed for ever more.
The Beatles were for him a real risk
But now they’re part of all our music lore.

Imagine that he hadn’t met with Paul
The Sixties would have had no sound at all

Yoko Ono was his second wife
A soul-mate for this tortured man of rock
Together they took on the world of strife
By lying in a bed in search of shock

The songs that he composed in later years
Brought politics and music into bed.
Imagine that the world was free of fears,
Imagine all the people were well led.

The life that brought a voice to all of us.
Was ended by a fan one fateful day.
A madman with a gun caused all the fuss,
He turned our icon’s image back to clay

No more of Lennon’s songs will ever be.
Strawberry Fields Forever memory.

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