Poetry by Jeff Green


Home from the war

by cricketjeff on January 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The first time that I heard you speak my name
I felt that I was born again as new.
From that day on I could not stay the same,
Every second of my life was now for you.

I couldn’t see you when I should have done,
Was not my choice to fight that bloody war.
Of things I could have lost, you are the one,
That truly I believe worth fighting for.

Demobbed and heading home by train at last.
I saw your mother’s face and then I knew,
That all my time of waiting had now passed
And I would see my one and only you.

She held you in her arms, you called me “Dad?”
And in that very second I was had
      I smiled and I was glad
The fears I brewed while fighting far away
Were melted into love that very day

Author notes

#3 – Meeting someone who changes your ENTIRE life

OK well it isn’t my entire life because I met my daughter in the act of being born and have never fought a war!

Oh and if you care it’s a Caudate sonnet, as written by Milton, like me he was long-winded and didn’t know when to stop.