Poetry by Jeff Green


Together in a leather notebook

by cricketjeff on January 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The old leather notebook her love was inside
A sonnet she wrote for each day of the year
Love sent each morning in softest cowhide
Meant for the days that we couldn’t be near

      She sat by the stream where our love was the strongest
      Garlands of dragonflies played round her head
      Writing of days when our love would last longest
      With only our longing to keep passions fed

Pages created, each filled with her feeling
Love in each word for our long year apart
Tenderly bringing each word’s fresh apealling
Each brand new day meant our love could restart

      Unbuttoned her soft silken dress while still writing
      Knowing I’d feel where her nakedness lay
      For over a year there would be no requiting
      Only her words could be fond lovers play

Fire on each page from a pen filled with needing
Love in each word from a heart that would pine
The feelings she wrote were all there in the reading
I knew that her heart had been poured into mine

      The gold on the cover reflected within it
      Treasure she poured into phrase after phrase
      Each day a new page and I longed to begin it
      So into her dreaming my love could then gaze

After each poem I kissed her soft leather
Waiting and hoping we’d soon be together

      Tenderly kissing each page as she ended
      Passing her love to her only intended

Home from our stream where our love is the strongest
This year spent apart in my life is the longest

Author notes

This was written in direct response to Dalaney’s poem in the same contest. http://allpoetry.com/poem/3849907.

Mine is imagined as her writing and me reading “the sonnet of the day” both halves being sonnet-like but not in fact sonnets. Read her poem first please, it is better .