Poetry by Jeff Green


The thinker thinks!

by cricketjeff on January 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wish I’d had my All Bran
There’s nothing on the move
Or just a glass of prune juice
To get me in the groove
I didn’t eat the veggies
When I ate that giant steak
Four boiled eggs for breakfast
Now seem a bad mistake

The oranges I threw away
Because they looked quite green
Could have been the lubricant
To get things running clean
Or just a slice of nice brown bread
Taters in their jacket
All meat and cheese and protein
As a diet just won’t hack it

I wish I’d had my All Bran
At the start of every day
Then this full up feeling
Wouldn’t be inside to stay
It’s going to be a doozie
When finally I’m cleared
For the men who check the sewers
Im a thinker to be feared!

Author notes

Well that’s what it looks like to me!