Poetry by Jeff Green


Passionately Rubaiyated

by cricketjeff on January 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Dark lady who survives the Texas sun
Who wants to live a life that’s full of fun
Her past was not the happiest it’s true
But from today her new one has begun

This lady knows the things that she must do
That all her friends can help to pull her through
She has so many friends here on AP
Who all will help to make her feel brand new

The talent that she has is clear to see
To all of you and also clear to me
I think by now that you all know the one
The name we give this goddess is Tory

As now her tale is well and truly spun
I think you will agree that now I’m done

Author notes

I’m playing here (the form not the content, the content s for real!)

OK so it isn’t exactly usual, but it is at the very least sonnet-like and in interlocking Rubaiyat rhyme.