Poetry by Jeff Green


Amera in three movements.

by cricketjeff on January 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Amera perfect queen of all the elves
Whose books must someday line each of my shelves
The rest of us must fight amongst ourselves
You are the rhyming Goddess of AP

Amera mistress of all forms of verse
Sometimes I have to stand alone and curse
Beside yours all my po-ems are far worse
You are the well formed Goddess of AP

Amera’s subjects now all scrape and bow
Worship her however she’ll allow
That includes what you are reading now
She is the sonnet Goddess of AP

And it may be enough for good old me
That I count as friend the Goddess of AP

***    ***    ***

My friend Amera I adore your rhyme
And what you write as if from olden time
But best is when I think I hear your voice
As then all other issues just sublime

You’re smoother than an engine made by Royce
My formed and rhyming po-etry of choice
When AP says you’ve written something new
I feel my inner being just rejoice

Enough I feel of all this talk of you
And of the many great things that you do
It’s not as though all others are a crime
I like to read some other poets too

But they are writing simple pantomime
As you look down from heights we cannot climb

***    ***    ***

Although your love is love that’s not for me
The world can see it in your poetry
A poet can be loved by everyone
And I can catch a part that’s falling free

Sometimes I think you hide behind your form
So we can’t see the part of you that’s warm
And yet I know that you are full of fun
I hope I do not push you to perform

I know you haven’t reached your peak as yet
Now with myself I’ve made a little bet
You’ll still be writing when my life is done
And in my heart I feel a small regret

The talent that for you has just begun
Should always be on show for every one

Author notes

Sublime in the first stanza of the second sonnet refers to evaporating away without melting, for those who question the sense.

Amera is a bloody good teacher of this ill behaved pupil. So I decided to reward her with not 1 not 2 but 3 sonnets, each in a different form and as far as I know all three forms novel and only to be found on AP. One day I will persuade her to write a perfectly flowed and rhymed poem in no known form, but until then I shall be content to have her try to keep me on the straight and narrow in her own back yard.
Thank-you Amera for unfailing good humour, and putting up with my occasional temper tantrums. Oh and for helping me realise that sonnets aren’t scary.