Poetry by Jeff Green


A river of words

by cricketjeff on January 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every word that you write is the start of a river,
  Tumbling and fumbling its way to the sea.
      All of the sounds that they send from the giver,
        Spreading your thoughts and emotions to me.
        The mountains inside are the source of the writing,
      Building and growing and crashing on down.
  Finding a path through deep gullies exciting,
Feeding the greens and refreshing the brown.
Joining and merging and spreading and growing
  Poetry forms where the cold rivers meet,
      Emotions and love and thoughts they are showing,
        The sugars and spices that make living sweet.
        Now that the words are a poem of stature,
      The life that surrounds them can blossom and thrive.
  Filling the heads of the readers with rapture,
Making me feel that I’m glad I’m alive.
The poems from poets the sighs of the readers
  Merging together, the sea of ideas.
      The richness of thought can now nourish the feeders,
        Foundations of life, throughout all of the years.

Author notes

Inspired by “Words are flowing out like…” The opening line of Across the Universe by The Beatles and dedicated to all my favourites and to the great poets I read on AP.

Note for US readers in the UK “years” and “ideas” are perfect rhymes and poem is two syllables, cannot fix the latter but I shall look for an international rhyme to replace the ending. I wrote a version of this poem for Amera, whose poetry inspired a big improvement in mine, it uses some more US friendly pronunciation, you may prefer it, it is called Amera’s River

Keep filling the sea chaps!

“Across the Universe” “Jai guru deva om”