Poetry by Jeff Green


The moon

by cricketjeff on February 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The goddess gazes into timeless space
Her hair flows out to touch the stars above
And in her dreams she dreams a special place
The softly shining orb, the moon of love

When a goddess dreams what she desires
The universe must bend its ways to fit
So there is forged from far celestial fires
The moon that keeps a lover’s path well lit

Although in timeless space a goddess stands
For us the wheels of time must never cease
So we can never know in just whose hands
Was formed this emblem of all love and peace

The silv’ry moon that sweeps across our sky
Was dreamed in place by goddess stood on high

Author notes

Picture Inspired – ‘I am Standing on the Edge of the World’ by Lucie Stara.