Poetry by Jeff Green


The genie I met

by cricketjeff on February 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Genie I’d wish that you’d grant to me
Talent to write what I want to in rhyme
To speak the thoughts that are flowing so free
To please my readers for most of the time

Genie I’d wish that you’d offer to me
A family of poets all writing today
Who paint perfect pictures that I can see
And they will give to me the chance to play

Genie I’d wish that you’d grant to me
Fam’ly and friends to help me to write
With the freedom to learn and grow and be
So all of my world is bathed in their light

The genie I met and freed long ago
Hasn’t got much of my wishes to go

Author notes

Are sonnets allowed, they aren’t really poems…

Write “Genie, I wish…”