Poetry by Jeff Green


A demonstration of prestidigitation!

by cricketjeff on February 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With explicit indication of some prestidigitation
You may plan a visitation to the transportation station

(See an ad for the magic show
Catch a bus and off you go)

After half the presentation you can join the acclamation
For the mass stupification caused by verbal complication

(Half way through you clap a lot
When all his patter makes you feel a clot)

When the final explanation and its magic incantation
Causes pulchritude pulsation and an avian ovation

(He tells us all about the trick and says some magic words
And his beautiful assistant is now turned into some birds)

Then the proscenium protection puts an end to close inspection
And the mass evacuation through the vomitory cavitation

(Down comes the curtain there is no more to see
So out through the exits go the audience and me)

Now we start peripatetication to our own accomodation
For some post examination overnight recuperation

(Walking around heading to the house
So tired from the show you can sleep like a mouse)