Poetry by Jeff Green


The two sides of loving

by cricketjeff on February 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Softly and tenderly I kiss your lips
My hand finds your nipple and gently grips
The other hand slips right down to your hips
An evening with you is for making sweet love

      Pull me toward you and whisper my name
      Your hand on my breast just started a game
      An evening with you is for making sweet love
      My hands on your body start doing the same

Sink to the bed and we kiss and we touch
Sweet little nothings that say quite so much
Hands now behind me find something to clutch
I’m lying with you and making sweet love

      Holding me closely and treating me right
      With promise of passion that lasts all night
      I’m lying with you and making sweet love
      Your hands and your arms, now holding me tight

Things turn about and you’re soon on the top
Excitement is mounting I beg you don’t stop
All the World’s lovers you’re Queen of the crop
I’m on the bed and you’re making sweet love

      Taking control and I pick up the pace
      Looking straight down at the smile on your face
      You’re on the bed and we’re making sweet love
      Ev’rything’s fine all in the right place

Fitting much closer than hand in a glove
A man and his wife are making sweet love
      Looking at you as I play up above
      A wife and her man are making sweet love

Author notes

Interlocking sonnets, one triplet (aaaB cccB dddB b , and one Rubaiyat (aaBa ccBc ddBd b . The B lines shared or closely related in each sonnet.