Poetry by Jeff Green


How I write.

by cricketjeff on February 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In my head my thought’s in rhyme
So poetry is all the time
I just sit and ask my muse
He throws lines and lets me chose

Pick the rhythm that I need
Then copy down at reading speed
Then just check the rhyme and meter
Tittivate to make it sweeter

Learning new styles means I read
So muse can push it out at speed
One problem that I see of late
My muse just will not punctuate

This little voice I hear inside
Has given me a lovely ride
Sometimes he opts to go away
And then I just mope round all day

So I have learned to cal lhim back
By launching “Limerick attack”
He is stubborn, I persist
It is one game he can’t resist!

When I find I’ve written well
I float and feel my ego swell
But when a poem isn’t good
I start again, just like you should!

Author notes

Not great I’m afraid will ask him for another version later.