Poetry by Jeff Green


Everyone can act

by cricketjeff on February 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I cannot understand the need to bully
To try to take away another’s rights
It seems the weakest minds will do it fully
And try to rule all others through “fair fights”

A “fair fight” means they’ll stab you with a knife
At any time that you don’t hold a gun
To thrash a child or try to kill a wife
Is bragged of to their mates as simply fun

When you hear words from such an evil speaker
Then turn away and treat him like a rat
No man takes fists or worse to harm the weaker
Make sure that all who hear him think of that

Don’t turn a blind eye when a “mate” does wrong
It only proves how weak you are. Be Strong!

Don’t believe a “father” out of loving
No nine year old invents a sex attack
Do not excuse as accidental shoving
A man who hits his wife across her back

We can end all the ways these bullies win
If we all stand and face them as they gloat
Don’t lash out when you think your luck is thin
Or someone else will just be in your boat

Give a hand to help all those in need
And never let the weakest take the blame
When you give in to urges out of greed
You’re cheating someone else out of the game

If you want to take your proper place
Then look out for the whole damn human race!