Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on February 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To do his duty to his king,
Nelson fought the French at sea.
The man would do most anything,
For victory!

Villenueve had a larger fleet
But Nelson had the better crews.
He won more victories complete,
And spread the News!

Napoleon was at the Nile
When Nelson stopped his winning spree.
He managed to escape in style
No victory.

Trafalgar was the Spanish cape
Where Final reckoning was made.
Sight of Gibraltar’s famous ape
The plans were laid.

Collingwood attacked the rear.
Nelson would take on the van.
Neither showed the slightest fear
Of any man.

When the victory was sure,
Upon that late October day.
At last his life could not endure,
Was shot away.

A single bullet ribbed his spine
And so they bore him down below.
Aboard the flagship of the line
He made a show.

“Kiss me Hardy” was what he said
And then in pain he breathed his last.
The Battle won but Nelson’s flag
Had left the mast.

Now ev’ry English schoolboy knows,
That Nelson was at home at sea
And he it was who stopped the French,
On Victory!

Author notes

A Sapphic Ode to Nelson