Poetry by Jeff Green


Truth hurts

by cricketjeff on February 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The television news unfolds
With stories from around the world
Of raging heats and bitter colds
Our deeds unfurled

There’s genocide in foreign lands
And famine that wipes out the poor
Children killed at father’s hands
A dismal score

Antarctic ice that melts too fast
Another harvest washed away
Will man redeem himself at last
So life can stay

The child that sees the state we’ve built
Of how the Earth has been attacked
Her eyes look up and see our guilt
Her pupils cracked

A bitter struggle to survive
To raise her children from the deeps
To hand a chance for them to thrive
A mother weeps

Forced to work away from home
To feed his children and his wife
A hungry man has far to roam
This is not life

A better life I know can be
If we all try our best to mend
The systems that won’t set us free
From let’s pretend

A teacher shows her class the truth
Of how the odds are highly stack
The world survives by claw and tooth
Her pupils cracked…

Author notes

Just testing the waters at the moment.

CANNONSFIRE will join me in tackling the words: cracked pupils