Poetry by Jeff Green


The special gift

by cricketjeff on February 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You stand at the back of the queue
Others were there before you
What in the world can you do
There are three doughnuts left

That lady just wants a white tin
And please could they slice it quite thin
Maybe I’m going to win
Still three doughnuts left

Oh no the next bloke is quite round
I’m sure he’ll be standing his ground
And eating the doughnuts I’ve found
Only three doughnuts left!!

Thank goodness he wanted a bun
With hundreds and thousands for fun
(Amazing he only bought one!)
All three doughnuts left

The mum with the children is next
It appears that she’s getting quite vexed
Her parenting instincts are flexed
Just two doughnuts left!

There’s only one person ahead
Please say he’s ordering bread
I wish that he’s just drop down dead!
Now one doughnut left.

And now I ‘m the head of the queue
My insides are screaming out phewwwwww!
I’ve bought the last doughnut for you!
There are no doughnuts left