Poetry by Jeff Green


Dancing Dreams

by cricketjeff on February 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My perfect vision danced for me last night
And as she danced I knew we were alone.
The world inside my dream had seemed so right,
I wish I could have grabbed it for my own.

She danced the way she knows I love the best
To make me feel that nothing was to fear.
I didn’t catch a glimpse of all the rest,
The moment that she blew into my ear.

The question you need never ask is “who?”
Such questions can be answered all the same.
My perfect dancing vision’s always you,
With love for you the object of each game.

There are no times these feelings will relent,
Each thought of you brings that especial scent…

Author notes

For the purposes of Legend’s contest this goes with “Diamond Eyes”