Poetry by Jeff Green


Falling in love

by cricketjeff on February 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was only a kiss but I floated on air
A kiss on the lips and another for spare
And now I’ve a feeling the whole world can share
I think I have fallen in love

You said you must go and I started to sigh
I felt a small tear at the edge of my eye
But a touch of your lips and I find I can fly
And now I have fallen in love

I wanted to stay but that wasn’t allowed
So there I remained as you merged with the crowd
And then as you left you shouted out loud
“I think I am falling in love”

It was only a kiss but now there are more
The next time we met there were just three or four
And now every day there are score upon score!
It happened when we fell in love

It was only a kiss at the start of the game
But that was the kiss that now takes all the blame
If you don’t get a kiss it’s a terrible shame
You may not have fallen in love

Author notes

Well we can all dream…