Poetry by Jeff Green


Lovers waltz

by cricketjeff on February 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The loving you give me is always sublime
The poems I send you are always in rhyme
Poetical Loving’s the best of all time
I’m kissing and rhyming with you

Forever and ever the love  that we share
Will cuddle befuddle and muddle me there
Together we’ll treasure our tender good care
The loving and writing we do

We’re newly and duly and truly as one
Caressing possessing and making good fun
Two lovers are trapped in the web they have spun
Creating the verses so true

The knowing the wanting the staying with me
We’re holding enfolding and scolding you see
Now calling and falling then mauling us free
Spinning these poems so new

Author notes

OK someone said you don’t get many di-dum-di (amphibractic) poems in English, but it is such a lovely sound! I can’t read the above without wanting to waltz.

Iambics PAH Amphibrachts say love!