Poetry by Jeff Green


The tree we grew

by cricketjeff on February 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For twenty years our apple tree has grown
And given fruit up to the very top,
Now year by year we have a finer crop,
Each apple with a style all of its own.

The pip that sired the tree was surely sown
In soil providing all that saplings need.
Ardent for the sun, it grew at speed.
At twenty years an adult fully grown.

The seed was laid in earth when Sam was born.
We tried to show him all that life could be,
He took what we could give and made it right.
Set out upon his path at early dawn,
Already striding far ahead of me,
To harvest such a crop before his night.

Author notes

Closer yet…

The son, and the tree, in question are 25 and still going strong. There are different fruit trees for each of our four.