Poetry by Jeff Green


The first lady of Kent

by cricketjeff on February 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Eight months ago Sue Cardwell rhymed at me
She made me smile and want to know her more
The poems that she wrote could speak to me
They rhymed so well but flow was sometimes poor

I saw her talent could be made to soar
If she just looked a little at her verse
Most people would have chosen to ignore
She gobbled up my thoughts and did not curse

Together every line we can rehearse
My poetry is better for her aid
No suggested form is too perverse
A lion of a puss I think is made

And now amongst her friends a King and Queen
The finest poet Kent has ever seen!

Author notes

Spensarian Sonnet ie a b a b b c b c c d c d e e rhyme scheme With thanks to Amera for showing me that it can work well. I hope you like this Sue, it needs polish but I thought you may want to see it as it settles down.