Poetry by Jeff Green


What you should do if you are Sue

by cricketjeff on February 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When first you wrote a Sapphic ode
I smiled and thought that you were grand
Your poetry since then has flowed
Across the land

A sonnet is a lovely thing
You write them now with scarce a care
You rival all the birds that sing
And fill the air

But truly when you write a “Sue”
All Poetry now stands in awe
So you should know what you must do
GO write some more

Author notes

Very loose interpretation of Sapphic ode, I love them. Ode form means repeating stanzas of the same rhyme and meter, Sapphic relate to three long and one half length line. Traditional Sapphic is Trochee Spondee Dactyl Trochee Spondee three times then Dactyl spondee. If you can find seven real spondees per verse good luck to you!

Pope and others did this
di DUM di DUM di dUM di DUM
di DUM di DUM di dUM di DUM
di DUM di DUM di dUM di DUM
di DUM di DUM

And so do I.