Poetry by Jeff Green


Diamond eyes

by cricketjeff on February 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The eyes that drink the music that I think
The way they capture everything of me
You sit and look and read me like a book
I’m captured in your gaze and so I’m free

Across the room however deep the gloom
Your eyes can see the slightest thing I do
Within your sight my heart is always light
Reflecting all the radiance of you

Rehearsed each day I chance to cross your way
A love that’s built on music from inside
So very soon you’re bound to sing my tune
Within your thoughts I’ll never try to hide

With soft replies you stifle little cries
Your diamond eyes can always hear my sighs

Author notes

Dancing dreams is the partner poem.

I have no idea what sort of sonnet I would call that, but I know it is a sonnet!