Poetry by Jeff Green


Before I return

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

“Good evening my pet, are you comfortable there?
No don’t try to answer me yet”
It’s wrong of me to tease her this way
But it causes no hint of regret

My slave is not going to utter a word
As her mouth is filled up with her stocking
And she thinks my suggestion of comfortable
Is even for me rather shocking

I untie the rope from her hair to her feet
I can’t resist smacking her bum
She’s been tied up today, so that she cannot play
She can’t follow “Don’t cum!”

The pegs on her nipples have brought tears to her eyes
The plug in her arse makes her full
It’s time that we spoke so it’s out with the gag
Wet stocking comes out when I pull

Would you like, little pet, the other one out?
You can take it yourself from its nest
She fishes within, for a part to begin
Then quickly extracts all the rest

I will brook no complaint, it’s her lack of restraint
That means that her arse must be caned
She’s bent on the desk and her plug is removed
Legs parted just as she has been trained

She counts up to six, and avoids naughty tricks
Then holds herself open for me
She’s a bottom abused and a body well used
And not just in one way but three

Before I must leave, I know she will grieve
For two weeks no master to serve
I give her a note, which I earlier wrote
She must follow when she has the nerve

Before I’m away I tell her to play
I like watching her fingers get busy
An orgasms allowed, and she has one out loud
And now she is looking quite dizzy

When I’m there no more and she’s shut her front door
My note leaves her rather a wreck
Before I’ll return, she must make sure I learn
She’s three new piercings, all below her neck

Author notes

I’m not sure if I have managed to stay on the right side of the line I wanted not to cross. First effort was too long and frankly pornographic not erotic, next version was twee, how’s this. I don’t know, either from taste or practical standpoints!