Poetry by Jeff Green


Empty art

by cricketjeff on February 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A dire picture

When nobody was sacrificed, for art that has no soul
No beauty in the imagery, what was the artist’s role?
A static figure flatly drawn, a disembodied head.
The model may be living, but the painting lays there dead.

When nobody was sacrificed, for art that will not speak.
The ideas are almost present but the execution’s weak.
There is no depth or beauty where a poet wants to swim.
Just a sitting headless body, and a face that’s rather grim.

When nobody was sacrificed, for art without a voice
The picture had no metaphor, nor even simple choice
A poorly rendered figure, sitting headless on a seat
The head within the painting, and that’s the scene complete

When nobody was sacrificed, for painted teenage pain
The viewer is not energised and has no chance for gain
You stand before an image and you look to see what’s there
Just a head inside a picture frame, a body on a chair

Author notes