Poetry by Jeff Green


Places to go

by cricketjeff on February 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to take you on a train
A treat you ought to know
I know that you’d be back again
Another place to go

A little steam train lost in Wales
With Snowdon there on show
A tiny dragon leaves its trails
Another place to go

Across the plains of Russia’s East
Where icy blizzards blow
Mongol tea, a Chinese feast
Another place to go

From Paris down to Istanbul
With champagne “Don’tcher Know”
Attendants dance on ropes to pull
Another place to go

In India the rooves are filled
The numbers seem to grow
Across the Ganges all are thrilled
Another place to go

And finish up in Bluebell wood
With Sussex laid on show
A dream I think is rather good
Now would you like a go?

Author notes

Amera has never been on a train, so I thought I would take her on a trip…