Poetry by Jeff Green


The death of a dragon

by cricketjeff on February 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Well before they sank the ancient well
Knights defended here on many nights
Fell behind the bank on Goathead Fell
Sights of horror seer the battles sites

Dark stories writers tell well after dark
Sleep starved they fought to fend off endless sleep
Mark the way the fighters left their mark
Deep evils then were taught a lesson deep

Not daunted are the great who formed the knot
Fast they stood and flashed theirs blades so fast
Shot down beneath the weight of arrows shot
Last blows were crashed on worm that cannot last

Great logs the servants piling on the grate
Fate is now surely smiling on this fete

Author notes

Goathead fell is a hill, the Well is a deep cave that local legend says was a well dug too deep so that a dragon (worm) was allowed to escape. There are ancient earthworks where the legends say local knights and villagers vanquished their foe.

The form is (I hope) a Shadow Sonnet, created by Amera .

100 points to the first to spot the added twist.