Poetry by Jeff Green


A question

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Have you ever met a lady with a perfect pair of feet
Ankles leading beautifully to calves that are so neat
Knees without a blemish, and Oh! such lovely thighs
And from toes up to the top of them, legs of the perfect size.
A bottom you would die for, and yet you’d love it still
And you can only resist patting with an act of iron will.
Her waist cries out for hugging, how can any man resist,
And breasts that call you closer, “kiss me now” they both insist.
Her arms would be a perfect trap, you’d not want to get away.
Her shoulders and her neck above invite your lips to play.
Upon her lovely head there’s not one detail out of place –
Beautifully tended hair above an angel’s face.
If the lines above match any lady you should ever chance to see
Please tap her gently on the shoulder and say “Hi April” from me.

Author notes

She wasn’t a lover or an almost lover, but I do miss her.