Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s a dog’s life

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My little puppy dog is here to stay
The sort of bitch all men would love to own
Although she is a puppy when we play
In every other way she is full grown

She wears my collar curled up by my feet
She’s trained to always come if I should call
A doggy bowl is filled for her to eat
Her leash is always hanging in the hall

Her skin is smooth and pink she has no fur
Her tail is mounted in a special place
And every time I fit it into her
I see a lovely smile upon her face

The animal who serves me as my pet
Has given us a life without regret!

Author notes

An English sonnet on a bondage theme. I hope you enjoy. Do not read if you don’t like explicit adult poems.