Poetry by Jeff Green


My moonlit lady

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I hold her close and kiss her wavy hair
And whisper love into her hidden ears
I tell her of the life that we could share
And softly breathe away her hidden fears

I hear her legs as they are wrapped round mine
I feel the warmth that melts from her to me
Our thoughts and bodies will now intertwine
No-one else could ever set me free

Her lips are raised and parted for my touch
As we lay down on moonlit riverside
“I love you” but “I love you twice as much”
The words exchanged as we two lovers sighed

From that first kiss our love has only grown
The river banks were long since overflown

Author notes

To seduce this maiden…

Her hair is wavy as the moon beams in the shine from the cold crisp air, her face is blushing with a smile of a angel of confidence in her stride, her legs wisp in the wind against her skirt as she runs to your side to embrace in your gentle touch . . .