Poetry by Jeff Green


How I write a sonnet

by cricketjeff on February 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When I take pen to write a sonnet down
I try to keep the meter in my head
On my face I’ll often wear a frown
I’m concentrating on the words I’ve said

I’ll always say each line in rigid feet
To try to drum the rhythm in my mind
To look out where I want to place each beat
And see what sort of meter I can find

So now we come to where the Volta goes
The place where sonnets have a change of mood
This is where your second notion shows
Lines after this have a new attitude

Your couplet is the final thing you write
And then you bow to all and say goodnight

Author notes

This will get you a “sonnet” and is itself a sonnet. But there is unfortunately a bit more to it than that, you still have to get the content the emotion and work on varying the meter to fit.

However that becomes a lot easier once you have the mechanics off pat, so please, give it a go!