Poetry by Jeff Green


Two ladies, one idea

by cricketjeff on February 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At five past six your key is in the door
I hear it turn my heart begins to skip.
Your laptop bag is thrown across the floor
And with your coat begins your evening strip.

At five past eight I’m waiting for a drink,
The dancing girls cannot approach before.
The first stage-dancer gives a sexy wink,
I look at those who prowl the strip club floor.

We kiss, of course, our passions start to grow
I squeeze your bum before you tear away.
There comes a mighty stirring from below
Your jacket’s off but it’s not time for play.

The girl I love the most will start the fun –
She laughs and strips and fills my heart with glee.
I wonder if she’d like to be the one
Who does this every evening just for me.

With dinner gone your skirt and blouse are too
The music plays and for dessert is me.
Your bra comes off, I want the best of you,
The job is done and then you set me free.

As she disrobes she makes me want so much
While draping parts of her all over me.
Its tough the rule is look but never touch
But everything she has is there to see.

The lady knows that she has got it right
And with her naked lover spends  the night

Author notes

Erotic challenge entry to the theme “Strip tease” Two Shakespearian sonnets sharing a final couplet. Read either or both together.