Poetry by Jeff Green


The Fairy and the Elf

by cricketjeff on February 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

First time on the stage at the Ballet Kirov
As Sleeping Beauty Faeryn stole the show
Elven Queen Amera’s taken care of
Royal box refurbished don’t you know
You should have seen her grand jeté to start
No other ballerina leaps so high
Amera’s magic power’s in her heart
No doubt about it she could touch the sky
Down on stage the show was going on
All of the cast were really on top form
Many among the dancers found they shone
Elven gifts were helping them perform
Remember if you saw her at the start
A Prima Donna now will grace the art!

Author notes

Two things for you Tay, write things out as simply as you can, look for similarities, then group them together and it is easy. Oh and get well soon too!

I’m not very happy about this really I am not good at acrostics. I shall try and do something all for Faeryn, off to read her page for inspiration…