Poetry by Jeff Green


The picture

by cricketjeff on February 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Broken crayons all around,
The picture incomplete.
Nothing left of solid ground,
To tread beneath my feet.

An empty bed in morning light
Dead flowers wilt away.
As evening melts straight into night
I wish I’d helped you stay.

It wasn’t all we wanted then
But now I yearn for you
The picture started way back when
Before we bid adieu

Your tender voice in morning ears
And then your smiling face
To chase away all present fears
A morning to embrace

If I could just rewrite our lives
To take a certain track
A different choice of men and wives
The love that two friends lack

I wish that I had held you tight
So I could do so still
No empty bed for me at night
A chance to drink my fill

Assaulted by a cheerful sound
I knew I’d never hear
A change in mood that’s so profound
To joy from dismal drear

A box of crayons new and bright
A picture drawn by two
As one through every day and night
I am complete in you

Author notes

“1. Broken crayons” With a touch of “9. Empty bed” and a few “10. Dead flowers”