Poetry by Jeff Green


An Orange Anniversary (Full sonnet)

by cricketjeff on February 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Well wrapped in the arms of a loving rest,
In orange to set the heart aflame.
A beautiful maiden has dreams well blessed,
With the image of lovers she can’t yet name.

June lies so artlessly, love will arrive.
There’s hope in the smile that plays on her face.
When he arrives he will bring her alive,
She is the prize at the end of the chase.

Will she awaken and see that I’m here,
Smiling and dreaming these dreams of my own.
Beauty asleep in the midst of the year,
All through the seasons her passions have grown.

A kiss on the lips and she comes to my arms,
A year to the day since I fell for her charms.

Author notes

This was written for a contest which required a ten line poem, the “curtal sonnet” version can be seen here

The full version is dedicated to Ithica who was holding the contest and graciously allowed me the time needed to correct my errors.