Poetry by Jeff Green


For my Mum

by cricketjeff on February 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You think about us every single day
And we in turn hold you within our hearts
You cared for us in every single way
To give to us the very best of starts

Today you’re there to help us when we need
You do not disapprove or ask us why
You hold our hands where-ever we may lead
Even when you really want to cry

You’re in my memories of long ago
And in my thoughts of all that’s yet to be
I think of you in choosing where to go
Without you I’m not sure that there’s a me

So for my life so far and for the rest
I thank you mum, you really are the best!

Author notes

We Brits have Mothering Sunday coming up, and yes originally it meant for one’s “mother church” but was adopted as the day to celebrate all forms of motherhood long before the greetings card industry got hold of the idea.