Poetry by Jeff Green


Just one night

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Alone in a room
I hold onto you tight
Outside there is gloom
Inside it’s our night

I look in your eyes,
To see if you’re lusting
My hands on your thighs
Are preparing for thrusting

My shirt has surrendered
Your fingers undress me
Your lips have remembered
What they did to impress me

Our tongues interlock
Your panties I’ve taken
You feel lust and not shock
Unless I’m mistaken

My belt and my flies
Can’t resist your assault
Your bra open lies
And I think it’s my fault

Now we’re both nearly nude
And I now can begin to
Without being crude
Insert me within you

Our passions exploding
We rise to our peaks
Our bodies unloading
The tension of weeks

For the rest of the night
Our loving continues
Our moods will be grow light
As we test all love’s sinews

By the time the day starts
Our needs will be sated
And a whole from our parts
We will have created

Author notes

cricketjeff or more formally Jeff Green