Poetry by Jeff Green


The time of year

by cricketjeff on March 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sunny day in Harrow as the winter turns to spring
A time of year to wonder what the coming months will bring
The birds are busy nesting and they’re fighting over string
A time of year to maybe think of love

The shoots of little crocuses are pushing from the ground
Tender flecks of green are dressing bushes all around
And several frogs are fighting for the princess they have found
For them it is the time of year for love

Poets start to write about renewal and rebirth
Of all the gifts and beauties that are stored in Mother Earth
Gardeners attack their sheds to show what they are worth
And others of us turn our thoughts to love

Now some of you are writing of the way you really feel
While other poets only want to write of sex appeal
Another group are telling tales of military steel
But the best of us are writing of our love
The best are always writing of their love
I want to read their poetry of love