Poetry by Jeff Green


What I want

by cricketjeff on March 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to spend the night in love’s embrace
To feel her softer skin all night on mine
To let our legs and arms all intertwine
To wake to look at eyes in lover’s face

I want to feel the object of a chase
To be the prize my lover wants to win
I want to know that she’s a special place
And I’m the only one she’s letting in

I want my love to know I too begin
To build a palace in my heart for her
Where she’ll be nested on the softest fur
And nothing that is thought or done is sin

I want to feel as one although we’re two
I want this special lover to be you

Author notes

Just for a change this one goes abba acac cddc ee meaning only the couplet isn’t linked by rhyme, I thought of ending on a triplet but it didn’t feel right.