Poetry by Jeff Green


My other half

by cricketjeff on March 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I keep it here beside my heart, and in my eyes it never fades,
Your eyes shine out with love for me, in subtle photographic shades.
Between love poems safely stored, where I can look at any time,
What more could any poet want than beauty in between the rhyme.

It isn’t much from all these years, to sit and hold and think of you
And yet, my love, it says so much and speaks of things we could not do.
Our lives have touched and still engage, I think of you on every day
And inside everything I do my love is wrapped in every way.

You are not mine, I am not yours, each has their own appointed part.
Each gave away so long before the offering of unchained heart
And yet we met and something changed, I found I’d bought a part of you.
Now there’s a bit of wistfulness in every little thing I do.

And when I give away my life, as everyone at last must do,
My final thoughts I hope will be of filling all my mind with you.
Two lives that touched and could not merge, two hearts complete, but cleft.
We sit and hold and think as one, and never need to feel bereft.

You never took away from me, your love just added to my whole.
My life was better since I found another mind to touch my soul.
You showed me how I could unlock, a deeper, softer, truer me,
Who stood erect and scanned the world for all the beauty he could see.

Author notes

JEff Green, that is to say cricketjeff and a photograph.