Poetry by Jeff Green


My problem

by cricketjeff on March 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I have a problem with the way I look,
It is not one you see complained of much.
My features make a perfect picture book
Where every single reader wants to touch.

My ideal looks are really quite a curse –
Everywhere I go the masses stare.
Can you imagine any fate much worse,
Than being called a Greek god everywhere.

I only shop alone and after dark
Or else my fans just have to form a line
And you can’t have a stroll out in the park,
When you have a face as fine as mine.

It isn’t so much fun to look this way
Well actually it is, the rest is play!

Author notes

Now rather smoother I fancy, anyone wishing to meet the only perfect man can find my address on my homepage…

Shakespearian sonnet.