Poetry by Jeff Green


Blind panic

by cricketjeff on March 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A gaping wound was rent assunder
Silences collapsed to thunder
All the gods had made a blunder

                      you left

The heartbreak miners’ motherload
All sense and reason must implode
A sudden ending of the road

                      you left

All heaven is now in despair
And screams of pain pollute the air
Where is the love we used to share

                      you left

It seems that I had got it wrong
Although my love for you was strong
You never wanted to belong

                      you left

For now my life is all awry
There is no sun to light my sky
I only want to say goodbye

                      you left

But what is this I hear your key
It seems that you’ve come back to me
You just nipped out to buy some tea?!?!?!

                    WHAT NEXT!

Author notes

What can I say?