Poetry by Jeff Green


Walking at night

by cricketjeff on March 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I walked tonight alone and sad
And saw the frost begin to form
I thought that life would not be bad
In bed and warm

I walked across a lovely hill
And saw the streets laid out below
As London lay so cold and still
In street light’s glow

I walked alone ’cause you’re not here
And there is no one else to share
Such loneliness I would not fear
If you were there

A hand to hold on winter nights
Two lips to kiss at any time
A way to set the world to right
A thought sublime

A poet walking in the dark
A lover without love in reach
A walk across the empty park
No one to teach

Alone to bed but then to dream
Such precious hours but just a few
Of happy times these are supreme
I dream of you…

Author notes

I like sapphic odes