Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Factorise just means disguise
Another way to write
Minimise don’t show surprise
But get it right tonight

First expand it, show you’ve planned it
Better marks in view
Now command it, understand it
Not much work for you

Put the letters into fetters
make them all play nice
They’re not upsetters to their betters
Didn’t have to show you twice

Just for Tay, this is the way
Averages climb
I have to say, that they should pay
If I do maths in rhyme

Maths appalling, limits calling
Numbers matter now
So quit the stalling, it is enthralling
Hope I showed you how

Author notes

Get welll soon Tay, but this poems really doesn’t qualify to be here, I just couldn’t resist it.