Poetry by Jeff Green


Words Matter

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I did not believe it ’til I heard
To me it really seems absurd
A poet cannot see the word
Words matter

If you cannot say a thing
What sort of guidance can you bring
To those that you take under wing
Words matter

We ought to think before we speak
Unless our minds are very weak
All that we say we must critique
Words matter

Other words are known as lies
Even when they’re in disguise
You can’t hide from open eyes
Words matter

Words have power more than thought
This is something that is taught
Some haven’t learned this as they ought
Words matter

The universe from great to small
Yields to language’s recall
A poet learns to say it all
Words matter

Aeons pass in endless flow
Lives will come and lives will go
Just one truth remains I know
Words matter

Without them pictures have no life
You cannot bring an end to strife
A man cannot address his wife
Words matter

So always try to pick with care
Not grab an insult from thin air
Some things a wise man would not dare
Words matter

Others must come from the heart
Not sent on someone else’s part
Then rebuilding may just start
Words matter

Thoughts just stay inside the head
Where magic thinks that it has lead
Words have reality instead
Words matter

If you want a real guide
You must look out not deep inside
Some things just cannot be denied
Words matter

Some have honey some desire
Some relieve and some conspire
All can push the spirit higher
Words matter

If you want to build anew
Really you know what to do
And not because you were told to