Poetry by Jeff Green


And talk all night of rhyme

by cricketjeff on March 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to sit and sip a drink
And talk of poetry.
To lie back with a friend and think
Beneath a garden tree.

I want to walk beside the sea
And gaze out at the sky.
While holding hands, just you and me,
We’d dream that we could fly.

I want to sit beside a fire
And talk all night of rhyme.
To feel slow building of desire
In some eternal time.

I want to learn to love again,
With one who wants to share.
To sing a tender love refrain
While we have time to spare.

I have not had enough of life.
I want to try once more
With a new lover friend or wife
To make me as before.

I want to drink some heady wine
And toast a poets health
With one who values words so fine
Preferring them to wealth.

While all these things I want to do,
Are written in my dreams,
Behind each one of them, is you,
The object of my schemes.