Poetry by Jeff Green


The sheerest satin sheath

by cricketjeff on March 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It wasn’t much to hide her
        Just the sheerest satin sheath
But every man who saw it
        Wished to see what’s underneath
I watched her on the dance floor
        And I dreamed we danced all day
And I wished that sheerest satin sheath
        Had melted clean away

I’m sure that when she put it on
        With nothing underneath
She knew what she was doing
        With her sheerest satin sheath
And the smile that danced inside her eyes
        And wriggled at her hips
Was widened by the satin sheath
        That sensuously slips

All evening she has looked at me
        Her body in its sheath
Her movements meant to show to me
        The subtle skin beneath
As she mercilessly teases
        With the sheerest satin sheath
She knows that when we’re home tonight
        I’ll remove it with my teeth!

Author notes

I like words, and sheer dresses…