Poetry by Jeff Green


A passionate encounter

by cricketjeff on March 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Pushed across the bed, opened up for me.
First I find her head, tongue upon her clit,
Teeth and lips instead, on pussy making free.
In her mouth I’ve fed, cock that seems to fit.

Boiling up my cum, she is rising too,
Hands now squeeze her bum, sucks me deep inside.
Biting on my chum, starts to cum on cue,
Smack her like a drum, squirt inside my ride.

Now she’s on her knees, and I have to choose…
She will just say “please, I want you inside me!”
Not the time to tease, pick the hole to use.
Grab her tits to squeeze, then I fuck pussy!

I want her passion, pussy wants cream –
Don’t mind the fashion, just make her scream!

Author notes

Poet and link will be sent to judges privately. This is not poetry with which my inspiration would be comfortable.

I tried to write in the styles of several contestants and judges, but in all honesty all though I love reading all of you, erotic poetry makes me want to read not write!!!
The icon I have chosen has made me want to write more since I first encountered their work, and although they don’t write hard-core erotica, it is the poetry that inspires me not the content.