Poetry by Jeff Green


Oooo Errr Crikey!!!

by cricketjeff on March 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The only hamster who can save the day
When Dangermouse is there he says “Oh Crumbs”
Doesn’t have ten fingers only thumbs
Knows the way to fight is run away

He always has a bag of sweets you see
And Dangermouse has got a lot to say
Far more concerned to save the final three
Than notice that the Baron is at play

A coward to the very last degree
Where Dangermouse is braver than an ox
Dangermouse is cunning like a fox
But Penfold is a lot like you and me

Although they live beneath a pillar box
You’d say this pair of agents really rocks!!!

Author notes

How’s that, a sonnet for the greatest team of crime fighters ever to battle a toad.

And in a brand new rhyme scheme too I think
abba caca cddc dd
We shall call it the Penfold Sonnet in his honour.